The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure project (EHRI) is an international project aimed at providing online access to information about dispersed sources relating to the Holocaust and making these documents and resources more accessible. EHRI is funded by the European Commission under the FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes.

Paradoxically, the very accessibility of digital archival material brings about fresh challenges. Unlike in the past, access to the archival descriptions and scanned documents online creates an opportunity to democratise work with historical documentation. Holocaust-related archives have been heavily involved in recent moves to ensure that documents are now available for study by everybody, enthusiast or professional, local or remote. The ability to discover sources however also makes the possibility of their misreading or dislocation from their – often very complex – archival context much more likely.

This EHRI document blog is a space to share ideas about Holocaust-related archival documents, and their presentation and interpretation using digital tools. EHRI partners and fellows, amongst others, will document their activities and experiment with different ways to explain and show digital archival content.

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